50 Pence, UK 2006 – Victoria Cross

About This Design Depiction of the obverse and reverse of a Victoria Cross with the date 29 JAN 1856 in the centre of the reverse of the Cross, the letters VC to the right and the value FIFTY PENCE below. The Victoria Cross is the highest award for gallantry in the face of the enemy….

5 Cents, Australia

An impression of an echidna designed and sculpted by Stuart Devlin. Designed in 1966, and still in use.

10 Cent, France

Designed by Laurent Jorlo; “this modern, timeless graphic represents France, which stays true to itself, whilst integrating into Europe”. Over 1,200 designs were considered for the national side of the French coins. A panel chaired by the Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance chose three designs, each for certain specific denominations. The panel consisted of experts…

1 Cent, Italy – Castle del Monte

In Italy, the euro coin designs were subject to scrutiny by a national technical and artistic committee before being presented to the nation on RAI UNO, Italy’s largest national television station. A different design has been selected for each denomination, chosen from masterpieces by Italy’s famous artists. The Castel del Monte appears on this coin….