2 Pound, Underground, UK 2013


On 10 January 1863 the world’s first underground railway opened in London.

This Coin is part of a two piece coin set commemorating 150th year of London UndergroundThe Tube“.


The ‘Roundel’ £2 coin is inspired by the 1938 poster by Man Ray and depicts the world-famous London Underground logo, while the ‘Train’ £2 coin shows a Tube train hurtling out of a tunnel (this is subject of another post. CA).

About the Coin

Edwina Ellis, creator of the ‘Roundel’ coin, is a pioneering printmaker and former ‘Art on the Underground’ artist, whose work appeared in stations in 1996. Her design, featuring the famous logo which first appeared in 1908, carries the edge inscription MIND THE GAP and uses lettering in the unique Johnston typeface used for London Underground signage.

The ‘Train’ coin was designed by the internationally-acclaimed duo Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, best-known for the London 2012 Olympic Torch. Their dynamic coin image depicts a 1967 Victoria line Tube train and carries an unusual edge inscription inspired by Harry Beck’s Tube map,

Obverse Designers Ian Rank-Broadley
Reverse Designer Edwina Ellis
Edge Milled
Edge Inscription  MIND THE GAP
Mintage  1,560,000*

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