1 Pound (UK, 1985)

1 Pound – 1985, Leek and royal diadem representing Wales



1985 : 228,430,749
1990 : 97,269,302

Leek and royal diadem representing Wales.

Edge Inscription:
PLEIDIOL WYF I’M GWLAD (in English “True am I to my country“)

Designed by:
Leslie Durbin

Obverse Designers Portrait of Her Majesty the Queen
1985 Arnold Machin
1990 Raphael Maklouf
Reverse Designer Leslie Durbin

About the design

In 1985 the first new Royal portrait in nearly two decades was introduced on the coins of the United Kingdom. The reverse design of the 1985 £1 features the national emblem of Wales – the leek – encircled by the Royal Diadem. It was the second in a series of four issued to represent the four constituent parts of the United Kingdom; Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.




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