1 Pound (UK, 2000, 2010, 2014)

1 Pound – UK, 2010 Official badges of the capital cities of the United Kingdom

Date of Issue & Mintage

2010 : 6,205,000

A depiction of the official badges of the capital cities of the United Kingdom, with the badge of Belfast being the principal focus.

Edge Inscription:

Designed by:
Stuart Devlin

Obverse Designers Portrait of Her Majesty the Queen
2010 Ian Rank-Broadley
Reverse Designer Stuart Devlin

About the design

2010 saw the launch of an entirely new £1 coin series which focused on the four capital cities of the UK – the ‘City Series’. It was the first time in a ‘home countries’ £1 coin series that two coins were released in the same year. The two 2010 £1 coins represent London and Belfast. This is the ‘2010 Belfast £1 coin’.

Belfast used a coat of arms on its seal as early as 1643, but it was not until 1890 that the arms were granted officially. The shield of the coat of arms of Belfast provides an appropriate reverse for the 2010 £1 coin representing Belfast, Northern Ireland in the ‘City Series’. Since the city port of Belfast has always been a busy shipbuilding centre, it is not surprising that a sea-going vessel should dominate the shield. The triangular pattern comes from the arms of the Chichester family, while the bell is a simple reference to the city’s name and appeared on tokens issued by Belfast tradesmen in the seventeenth century. The motto of the arms PRO TANTO QUID RETRIBUAMUS – translated as ‘what shall we give in return for so much’ – is the edge inscription of the Belfast £1 coin.

London Olympics Coin 2010

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